Why Choose Aubuchon

The three interrelated components that will prepare you to select the right builder for your new home are: use the best products and materials; price and quality go hand in hand; AND employ a builder who orchestrates the process.

When you’re ready to make your next move, count on Honc Real Estate Team to work in your best interest with all things real estate.

Why Choose Aubuchon

To All Prospective New Home Buyers.

Informed and educated clients make better buying decisions, and as a result, completely enjoy the homebuilding experience.

We want you to be one of these homebuyers. Following these 3 interrelated components will prepare you to select the right builder to construct your new home.

Use the best products and materials.

Aubuchon Homes invests hundreds of hours each year to research and development to keep us ahead of industry trends, allow us to properly evaluate the best products, and enable us to be the first in the market to offer innovative design ideas and products to our clients.

Price and quality go hand in hand.

We select craftsmen that take pride in doing high quality work. Price is important, but second to quality. Building with excellent materials and using quality conscious, experienced workers results in well built homes for life. Perhaps this is why the Lee Building Industry Association awarded Aubuchon Homes four consecutive Superior Home Awards and why the majority of our subcontractors have worked with us for many years.

Employ a Builder who orchestrates the process.

Your builder and his team make your dream a reality. Their role is to orchestrate the materials and design, and oversee the implementation of your home. He should continuously fine-tune the building process. Understand we are devoted to building you the best home possible. And when it comes time to resell, advertising “Built by Aubuchon” will bring extra value and marketability to your home.

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